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Ciseaux grisRegistration process professional associations

For professionals and associations, the registration process is specific because we do a minimum of checks to grant this status in our shop.

You must first register as classically individuals.

Click My Account at the top left of the page

Then on create an account
Log in

Fill your personal information
personal Information
Be carefull particularly to the professional part to accelerate the process
(you can change or add later from your account management).
You can also choose the way the prices are displayed: prices excluding or including taxes
(this can be changed at any time in your account (stable modification) and top
of the page (temporary change).

professionnal information

Then via the management interface for your account, you apply for a business account (or association)
providing us complete information especially if they have not been provided at registration.

If information about the company are sufficient, the dashboard of your account include the possibility of application of professional account or association.

Click on save and known information about you is pre-filled in the contact form you have to fill in and send to us.

application pro account

Based on our audit we will confirm the status that we have given you.
this status will appear at the top of your account. You will notice the changes immediately
if you are online surfing our store.

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