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Service repair sewing machines, sergers, all brands

Revision, Repair

We suggest you to revise or repair your family sewing machine in our workshop.

The skills of our workshop are over all brands.

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The workshop carries out cleaning and lubrication required and full control of your machine,

Worn parts are changed if necessary.

Price : 56 € TTC replaced parts are charged extra.

The customer is contacted for approval if the total revision + parts to be changed could exceed € 100

Until this maximum amount no free quote is issued.

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If the repair is beyond the scope of a revision and replacement of parts described above , a free quote is issued for agreement before proceeding with the repair.

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Our servicing and repairs are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of availability of your machine ( you are contacted ).

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Place of deposit and withdrawal machines

A&A PATRONS 6 rue des trois croissants 44000 NANTES France   Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h

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The revision time is announced when you leave your machine but is typically 3 weeks.

The repair time is announced based on the availability of parts and the charge of the workshop after your agreement on the quote.