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Étiquette personnaliser vêtement

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  • 46 motifs, dessins pour étiquettes tissées fantaisie

Woven fancy text 17 mm

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Starting at: €18.09 Incl. Tax:

Fancy labels 17 mm (woven text), to sew or paste ironing, add a professional brand to your work or an original label to your clothes, towel, etc...

Sold by pack of labels.

  • Tape width 17 mm
  • Text (surname, name, etc ...) of 20 characters including spaces.

Some writting styles allow upto 3 lines. The web page will show you the allowed options corresponding to your selection.

  1. Choose your quantity (the pack),
  2. indicate if you want labels to sew or paste,
  3. Choose the number of text lines,

    When these first choices have been done in this order, the other options appear.
  4. Type your text in the dedicated box,
  5. Choose the writting style,
  6. Choose the text color,
  7. Choose the background color
  8. Add eventually a drawing on the left, on the right or the two sides
  9. Click on add to the the basket (leave quantity 1 which means you want 1 pack of labels that you have specified the amount otherwise).



We now offer an option to use computer fonts (Truetype .ttf or Opentype .otf), how to use them and the additional costs associated with (for the first labels set order only) are detailed in "Options guide" on bottom of page tab. If you use this option you can freely remove slashes separating labels to get a continuous woven ribbon.

for the fine writings (B1 or B2), so that they are readable, we recommend that you choose a strong and contrasting writing color compared to the background color. Fuchsia will be for example more readable than pink.

The time to receive your order is approximately 10 days after payment for France shipment(except for Truetype or Opentype fonts which require the acceptance of a proof from you, so approximately 19 days in the case of the first order).
Warning: only one couple of first and last name will be accepted by label.

This product is part of our offer Special fashion designers labelling.

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Starting at: €18.09 Incl. Tax:

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Fancy labels 17 mm (woven text),

  • labels to sew or paste ironing,
  • Tape width  17 mm,
  • Text (surname, name, etc ...) of 20 characters* maximum per line including spaces.
  • Up to 3 lines of text,
  • 10 different writting styles (5 for 1 line, 4 for 2 lines, 1 for 3 lines,
  • An infinite number of text styles if you opt for Truetype or Opentype fonts (only possible for 1 or 2 lines of text)
  • 18 text colors,
  • 11 background colors,
  • 46 optional drawings that you can add on the left, on the right, or on the two sides (with extra charge)

*Allowed characters list:

  • all alphabet letters lower and upper case
  • all numbers
  • the folowing special characters: Ä Â Ë Ê Ï Î Ö Ô Ü Û ä â à ë ê è é ï î ö ô ü û ù ç . , ; : ? ! ' " ° - + / * = % ² & € < > ( ) [ ] { } À È É Ù Ç « » ÷ | ß @ ™ © ®

The time to receive your order is approximately 10 days after payment for France shipment..

Warning: only one couple of first and last name will be accepted by label.

Textile products Material Polyester
Width in mm 17

Packs : labels can be sold in the folowing quantities :

  • 20
  • 40
  • 80
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1000

To sew or paste ironing : labels can be sewn or pasted with an iron on clothes, as you want.

Up to 3 lines of text with 20 characteres maximum.

Text colors: 18

Background colors: 11

Optional drawings on the left, on the right or on the two sides : 46

Texte style:

You can either opt for the predefined styles illustrated by a sample image or choose a font that you like on your computer (for a line of text only).

In the case of predefined styles, you check the style you want and you simply continue your other choices(text color, background color, add drawings... ). You will receive your labels within 10 days after payment without any particular approach.

In the case of the computer font, you must differentiate your first order of this set of labels and your future repeat orders of the same label (just the colors can be changed).

For a first order, you tick this option Truetype Font 1st order and then upload the font file to use with the command that is just below. File extensions accepted: .ttf .otf or .zip (if you compress your file first). The font files on your computer are on Windows for example in the c :/windows/fonts/   directory. You can also find fonts on specialized sites, such as Dafont. Be sure you are allowed to use the font that you send us.
For this first order, an additional fee of creation will be automatically applied.

For the next orders of the same type of labels (same text, font and designs) you can check the option Truetype Font next orders and then upload the font file that you have already used the first time. For the next orders no additional cost will be applied, even if you change the text color or background.

At the first order, a final proof (prototype scan of your label) will be emailed for approval. Your approval immediately will trigger the manufacturing . This process of creation, and sharing with you lengthens the labels delivery time about 19 days.
For the next orders, no final proof will be submitted (even if the colors change), the delivery time is thus reduced to 10 days.

Using a personal computer font opens up the option to freely delete the slashes separating labels in order to get a continuous woven ribbon. This can be very interesting for the decor, events...

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