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Woven  fancy text 15 mm

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  • Silver cursive font on black background available for 1 or 2 lines texts
  • Silver or gold straight font on white background available for 1 to 3 lines texts, KATYUSHA is a registred trademark

Woven fancy text gold silver or white 15 mm

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Starting at: €25.27 Incl. Tax:

Fancy labels 15 mm (woven text), to sew, add a professional brand to your work or an original label to your clothes, towel, etc...
For gold or silver writtings, the threads are metalic. Their reflections give a shimmering, rich tone to your markings.

Sold by pack of 100 labels.

  • Tape width 15 mm
  • Text (surname, name, etc ...) of 20 to 25 characters including spaces. (length of writting: 9 cm),

On white background you can't have white writting, so the web page will show you the allowed options corresponding to your selection.

  1. Choose the background color
  2. Choose the number of text lines,

    When these first two choices are made, other options appear.

  3. Enter your text in the input zones,
  4. Choose the writting style,
  5. Choose the text color,
  6. Choose iron-on sticky or not,
  7. Click on add to the the basket (leave quantity 1 which means you want 1 pack of 100 labels).

The time to receive your order is approximately 15 days after payment for France shipment.

This product is part of our offer Special fashion designers labelling.

  • White
  • Black

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Starting at: €25.27 Incl. Tax:

100 Fancy labels 15 mm (woven text),

  • to sew,
  • Ribbon width 15 mm,
  • Text (surname, name, etc ...) of 20 to 25 characters* maximum per line including spaces.
  • Up to 3 lines of text,
  • 2 different writting styles (2 with 1 line, 2 with 2 lines, 1 with 3 lines (writing style with 3 lines allows only uppercase),
  • 3 text colors,
  • 2 background colors,
  • Iron-on sticky or not.

The time to receive your order is approximately 15 days after payment for France shipment..

*Allowed characters list:

  • all alphabet letters lower and upper case (Warning: the writing style with 3 lines allows only uppercase)
  • all numbers
  • the folowing special characters: @ % ° ( ) & * + < > = : ; . / - , ? § ! $ £ È É
Textile products Material Polyester
Width in mm 15
Quantity 100
To sew or paste to sew

You can choose :

  • 1 to 3 text lines with 20 to 25 characters (maximum writting length 9 cm).
  • among the 3 text colours : silver, white, gold,
  • among the 2 background colors: white, black,
  • among the 2 text styles,
  • Iron-on sticky or not.

The system offers readable choices (white text on white background is not available) and controls the number of characters based on our manufacturing capabilities.

For non-standard production, contact us.

Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.