It's the moment to say a last goodbye to our old fashion A&A Patrons website after 12 years working online...

In fact on your screens, is completely renewed. Remember sometime ago you saw this:

The home page

ancien site A&A

The shop

ancien site A&A

It was an hard technologic migration...

but now we are proud to provide you via our new website:

  • an up-to-date look matching our new image,
  • an enriched websitewith new products including a new knitting department
  • a browsing developed to help you search in our catalog always more abundant,
  • a rich and easy communication with you, our customers,
    customers that will now have access to their account, orders etc ...
  • a special attention to the professionals who are always more numerous to trust us,
  • all backed by the last opensource software web technology on which we aquire competences in order a better service and more security in our relationship and for your shopping.

Of course the paint is still fresh and we count on you to send us your feedback.

And this is just the beginning because the functionality of this site are such that they allow us to update quickly, easily add new products, be reactive to your needs.

If you ordered between 2000 and September 24, 2012

  • You probably already have an account with us,
  • we will send you a password by clicking on the top My Account and forgotten password ,
  • You can then log into your account to verify your information.
  • of course you can use this account to place new orders. 
    commands that you would pass as a guest (no login) will not be recorded or monitored via your account.
  • Orders placed before 24 September 2012 are unfortunately not visible via this interface (however they are well managed, don't worry).