In order to offer you more creative elements, we present our latest knitting and sewing kits.

After the Victoire cardigan and the sleeveless vest Elie as knitting, Here are three new knitting kits: the Triade mittens for adult, the Jonas coat for baby and the last born: the Ariel jumpsuit for baby.

Provided in the knitting kits: explanations of the model and the wool quantity corresponding to the size you wish, you can add optional knitting needles, special wool sewing needles and buttons or any accessories. Our knitting kits are carefully designed, including a prototype creation, to help you to achieve the model you crave.

The models are very suitable for beginners, we realize explanatory videos (link on the model) to provide additional support to the model for each step.

Our baby kits are available in a wide range of sizes and wool colors, to allow you a wider choice. Knitting kits are bargained compared to items purchased separately, enjoy ...

On the sewing side, the little Tangara baby's vest is also available as kit!

Supplied with the baby's vest: the tile organic cotton fabric, the picot bias and the cotton satin ribbon matching. No more excuses to find a gift idea ...

If you have ideas in order to continue the kit saga ... do not hesitate to leave us a comment or message. And you, rather tempted by knitting or sewing kits?