They are beautiful and flowered, it is the arrival in our shop of new fancy floral fabrics and bias.

floral fabrics and bias Lecien Froufrou

We fell in love with these flowered printed fabrics by Lecien (Japanese fabrics) in liberty style. So we took assorted bias! Flowered fabrics and bias brighten up our Frou Frou range.

It is already easy to imagine the pretty dresses, inside pocket, jacket with these floral fabrics.

Mustard yellow make a pretty note accompanied the fall, while the raspberry and blue-green are perfect to brighten up our outfits.

floral fabrics Lecien

Floral bias can be used in garment finishes but will also be very attractive as wristband and other jewelery desgns.

Floral bias Lecien

No hesitation! : floral Lecien fabrics are sold by 10 cm and bias the meter.