Something new concerning the fabrics! We just received the beautiful Cotton + Steel printed fabrics.

Cotton and Steel fabrics

We could not resist to the beautiful well fitting from the Frock collection. These are two rayon fabrics with small red or blue-green triangles.


Gemstone Cotton and steel viscose fabric


We also fell for small cross with yellow mustard and mint green backgrounds in the Cotton & Steel basics collection. These are good qualities cottons. The colors range has a nice sweetness.


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric

This is the kind of fabric you would like to see sewn into a light jacket, shorts, dress ...


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric


Mint green and white poplin with golden triangles you can see, it's a pretty fabric by Art Gallery, from the Arizona limited collection. Going with everything cotton fabric while being chic with these little golden triangles, it will delight your entire wardrobe!


We are very happy to show you these little wonders, especially that ... shh, the rest is coming in the following months!