With Nadine, we worked on its realization for months.

We had the idea of this Sewing Planner thanks to a meeting with a printer, on a completely different subject (we will tell you more soon).

But here it was, we had to face the obviousness, the production had to be large otherwise the notebook was going to cost expensive, too expensive for our eyes.

That's why we started the pre-sale on Ulule!

Thanks to your support, we have had a better idea of your request and above all, we have been able to launch the production of the booklet which requires a very heavy investment for a small company like ours.

For the record, that planner gave us a hard time. After finalizing all the files (drawings, layout made by us), we wanted the ideal paper to draw on.

Because without paper, there's no notebook. After three attempts by the printer, we finally found the paper that gave the perfect rendering for coloring crayons, replaying with fine felt on watermark lines or writing in the boxes of fabric tables, patterns, simply !

After the success of the pre-sale (project financed 184% by you), the sale of the Couture Journal continues on our website...

My Couture Planner

Mon journal de Couture

€19 Incl. Tax: