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Pouch sewing kit for Christmas!

Nov 26, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Sewing kits for beginners arrived! To offer sewn or in kit, it is the perfect couture gift for Christmas.


Find our 2 sewing pouches :

- lace pouch

- glitter pouch

They are easy to sew, without the need to reproduce a pattern. You just have to follow our detailed explanations in pictures.

Pouch sewing kits are for beginner level. You just need to know how to use your sewing machine.
You will learn with these kits, to master the zipper sewing. You will also apply some iron-on wadding that will give more resistance to the pouch.

This pouch will shine in all your evenings: ceremony, new year, Christmas, chic party... The lace lurex and the glitter of the sequins give a very classy look.

And to offer, what better way to suggest you a small suitcase ?

Translations of the words in the above illustration:

Tissus et ouatine: Fabrics and wadding
Valisette: mini-case
Dentelle: Lace
Lannière: Thong
Zip Lurex: Lurex Zip
Pampille: Tassel

You have the choice between the pouch with the small gold glitter strips on the velvet fabric or the pouch made of jean with silver lurex lace.

The silver pouch has a small imitation leather strap and a pretty lurex tassel.

We have chosen for the pouches inside, a pretty cloth printed cream with small white cotton feathers. The fabrics provided will allow you to make several pouches by choosing yourself zippers, pompom braid, lace, bias, piping, etc..

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Christmas and flowery sewing kit

Nov 28, 2014 12:00:00 AM

At A&A patrons, we love the vintage pretty boxes and couture quality tools!

We therefore prepared a sewing kit filled with essential for the couturier, with all the high quality hardware.

The kit is available in Christmas version (as below) or in flowery version (as hereinafter).


Vintage Christmas sewing kit

In each kit you will find:

- A pair of embroidery scissors (red for the Christmas version, stork for the flowery version)

- A 200 fine pins box

- A thimble

- A tape-measure

- A seam-ripper

Sewing tools needed

This sewing kit includes the essentials, for beginners or experienced, in a nice little box transportable anywhere. The Christmas sewing kit is a perfect present and seasonal ;).

Here is the spring version of the sewing kit with it's liberty style:

liberty sewing kits

Find here the Christmas sewing kit box and the flowery box there.

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