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Something new concerning the fabrics! We just received the beautiful Cotton + Steel printed fabrics.

Cotton and Steel fabrics

We could not resist to the beautiful well fitting from the Frock collection. These are two rayon fabrics with small red or blue-green triangles.


Gemstone Cotton and steel viscose fabric


We also fell for small cross with yellow mustard and mint green backgrounds in the Cotton & Steel basics collection. These are good qualities cottons. The colors range has a nice sweetness.


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric

This is the kind of fabric you would like to see sewn into a light jacket, shorts, dress ...


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric


Mint green and white poplin with golden triangles you can see, it's a pretty fabric by Art Gallery, from the Arizona limited collection. Going with everything cotton fabric while being chic with these little golden triangles, it will delight your entire wardrobe!


We are very happy to show you these little wonders, especially that ... shh, the rest is coming in the following months!

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After summarizing for you the A&A patrons history in this article. We thought it was interesting to tell you more about our small team today and our daily work.

If you followed the previous article, you already know a little about our team because it is simple, we are three and moreover from the same family! :

Nadine, the founder of A&A Patrons, Yannick the webmaster and Nadine's husband who joined her in the adventure few years ago and Amandine, the new recruit, originally founder of the Aléfil boutique in Paris and incidentally daughter of Nadine and Yannick.

To help you to understand who is doing what, we propose you with this diagram:

Introducing the A&A patrons team

As you can see, we have two key and compatible activities in our company:

- The design office fashion and pattern making for clothing industry

- The Online Haberdashery with all the management (inventory, supplier orders) and communication that this implies.

Not to mention the A&A Patrons side and historic activity:

- training. Because, for 17 years, Nadine was trainer in styling and pattern making and Amandine continues today her knitting, crochet and sewing workshops in Nantes.

All that to explain you our complementary skills, our knowledge and our activities illustrated in the following diagram:

A&A patrons diagram complementary activities

> The fashion design-pattern making allows us to know all the assembly techniques and allows us to look for the particular notions and sometimes techniques that we can then offer to our clients within the online haberdashery (eg for sleeve head strip, the Japanese rule, fusible interlining, horsehair band, etc.).

Our pattern making activity also helps us being familiar with products from our haberdashery: fabrics, buttons, ties, wool, threads, technical tools, because we use them daily!

> Conversely, all our knowledge in haberdashery, fabrics and suppliers allows us to offer our design office customers, the appropriate elements to carry out their clothes collection through our sourcing capacities.

> Our training expertise, allows us to bring advices to you, online haberdashery customers. In order to provide clear and precise description to each product posted.


We now invite you to enter our premises, discover the mix of our business design office and haberdashery! Here to see all images.

Fashion design office Nantes - France

A&A patterns printing

On our great desks we draw the papers patterns. After many validation steps (canvas, prototype, etc), the pattern will be printed on this great special printer, or sent directly as a file to the clothing factory.

By the meter fabrics A&A Patrons

Discover all our fabrics ranges, cotton, silk, organic fabrics, etc.

Sewing threads A&A Patrons

The sewing threads are presented in old jam jars, to more quickly find the colors!

Haberdashery buttons A&A Patrons

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Find us on social networks!

Apr 18, 2014 12:00:00 AM

It's official, A&A is a well-connected haberdashery!

It is important for us to keep you informed of the latest news in haberdashery but also to let you know the latest blog posts, or even to react or share information, bloggers, artists, events that we enjoy.

Social networks are widely developed in recent years and may allow us company, to be a little closer to you, our customers. That is why we chose to be a little more present on it.

We therefore propose to follow us on Facebook, sur Google plus, but also on Twitter, to see our videos on Vimeo, to see the latest news about haberdashery by images Instagram and share our pins on Pinterest !

Do not hesitate to react, give your views on our various articles, images, photographs, etc.. These reactions can help us serve you better!

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Comments Posted in General information By Amandine
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