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Matching Pantone colors

Ciseaux jaunes

We analyze the colors in your fabrics

We propose to help you to capitalize on your trend pages industrializing your designs more efficently.

We use a spectrophotometer to analyze color accurately and propose the Pantone TPX and TCX ranges matching (other possible matches: sRGB, HTML, L*a*b* on request).

So you can, for example, manufacture your buttons or dye your trimmings with high precision on colors. Your provider will appreciate your professionalism.

The color chart Pantone, the calibrated light cabin, become useless, human error forgotten.

Ciseaux vertsA simple and confidential procedure

  • You send us by mail your fabric samples pasted and referenced on an A4 sheet (ideal sample size 4 cm x 6 cm)
    Fabric sample on A4 sheet

  • We provide you back a table in a PDF file
    Pantone color matching

    with the following information:
    • Your sample reference,
    • The measured color patch,
    • The matching Pantone TCX reference,
    • The matching Pantone TPX reference,
    Download a Pantone color matching table example as PDF file..

Default measurements are with white as fabrics support and color patches are returned in D65 (daylight) lighting, the other requirements must be indicated.

Register as a professional, and access our tariff (package of 10 color measures, special requirements can be studied).