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Special fashion designers labelling

For fashion designers applying labels on clothing is a necessity to meet the standards (AFNOR) and the branding needs.

Clothing labeling must display any or all of the following information:

The labels called "optional" are nevertheless indispensable for your customers.

To meet these needs, we offer the following solutions:

  • For your brand: woven labels width 17, 15 or 12 mm,
  • For the country origin: labels on polyester taffeta,
  • for the composition and cleaning information (on the same label) labels on taffeta or satin width 30 mm
  • For size: woven labels.

SPECIAL OFFER: If your order includes at least:

  • a woven labels lot with your brand (17, 15 or 12 mm width),
  • composition/cleaning labels lot on taffeta or satin,
  • 10 meters lot of size labels (you can mix the sizes),

we offer 10% discount on each product (From 42 € excluding taxes to label your fashion collection!). Reduction appears at the bottom of adding basket under the heading "Discount (Special labeling fashion designers)".

These labels (customized & made in France) are available in small quantity which is exceptional and very suitable for small collections, prototyping.
Self-creative entrepreneurs will appreciate this offer which goes in the sense of control over their budget.

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