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Matching your colors

A&A Patrons works with the colors for many years and we know our customers challenges to appreciate precisely it on their screens.

If, on our side, our screens are calibrated and if we have specific tools (spectrophotometer) for measuring colors, this is not the case for most people who explore our website with very different ways (computers, tablets, smartphones etc ...).

To avoid you some disappointment about this, we have set up two main services:

  1. You send us a sample to match,
  2. We send you a fabric sample refundable.

Both services are available to all our customers (professional or not).

For professionals we offer in another article, a fabric color measuring service giving his correspondence with the Pantone scale. The result allows them to then give to manufacture components (buttons, ribbons, bias, piping) tinted exactly with the color of their fabrics.

1- You send us a sample to match

For some products (see the involved products ) with rich color swatch, we propose to check for you the color matching of your support (fabric, wool, ribbon or other) with the product shade as you order.

For the products involved, once you have selected the color that seems closest to your need, the option appears a little lower in the following form:

Option: I send my sample for checking the color shade

Just check Yes and write your instructions (if a particular area of the sample is to be taken into account for example) for this comparison of color in the field provided.
Our address is given you for this shipment.

We will wait for your mail to verify that the color you choose matches your sample according to your instructions, before sending you your order. In our analysis we will have to contact you to offer you a color more consistent to your need.


  • your sample will not be returned,
  • your order send time depends on your mail receipt.

2-We send you a refundable fabric sample.

We understand how difficult it is to assess fabric colors and texture on-screen.
To overcome this difficulty (general for on the web purchases) we offer the possibility to buy a fabric sample that you are considering purchasing in order to consolidate safely your choice. Simply tick the option when present, then you can not change the amount that will be pre-set to 10 cm.

Refundable sample option

This sample is 10 cm long, covering the entire width of the fabric.

In addition, This sample is refundable 1 m from, buying the same fabric (same color) in a subsequent order.
For that, we communicate a sample value voucher that you can use within three months.


  • destocking fabrics, offcuts and linings are not involved,
  • the sample will not be refunded without the same fabric purchase.

3- Products that allow you to send a sample for analysis by our services.

This list changes with the introduction of the service and adding new products.

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