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Selecting the shop

Our homepage is the backbone of your visit to our site.

Home page

You are immediately in our General Store which hosts all our products.
You can quickly browse through the search box or the menu tabs or, if you prefer, opt for the new products, promotions ...

However another possibility is offered to you: select a specialized store according to your main interests.
They are three in number, arranged on the left side, symbolized by a former sewing pattern and gather products that apply to you:

  • The Wedding Shop: to achieve, wedding and bridesmaids dresses, cortege clothes, for decoration and guest reception.
  • The Traditional or historical costumes shop: to achieve these particular clothes for exceptional circumstances.
  • The Lingerie shop: to manufacture, repair your lingerie.

At any time, then, you will know the shop you stand with the same logo sticker still present to top of page under the menus.
The General Store is represented by a node in a measuring tape.

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The selector dropdown

shop selector dropdown

At any time the selector dropdown on each page (and also below), allows you to switch the shop or go back to the home.

Note that this switch also allows you to change the language and display prices for your convenience in excluding or incuding taxes.
This last possibility is particularly interesting for professionals, our friends from departments or overseas territories or abroad.
Note that this display can be saved in the preferences of your personal account.

logo A&A PATRONS If you have other questions about our shop functionning
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