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Gift Voucher

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Gift Voucher

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€10 Incl. Tax:

Offer a A&A gift voucher to your friends fanatic about textile design, for any occasion: birthday, event, retirement, Christmas etc. ...

Our approach is personalized and fast:

  • you can offer any amount in multiples of 10 euros
    - For instance if you want to offer a gift voucher of 50 Euros, enter 5 in the quantity to add to your cart.
  • you can specify a  text to indicate who offers and a nice comment.
  • You can either, send it directly to the final recipient or to your address. See the detailed instructions below.
    - Do not forget to tell us the identity and address of the final recipient. We will create an account on his name so he can benefit from this gift and we will write the modality to access to the gift on our shop on the card.


  • the gift voucher is valid for 1 year.
Incl. Tax:

Maximum number of characters: 80

Maximum number of characters: 80

Maximum number of characters: 80

Maximum number of characters: 250

Maximum number of characters: 80

Maximum number of characters: 10

Maximum number of characters: 80

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Maximum number of characters: 200

Maximum number of characters: 500

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€10 Incl. Tax:

How to offer a gift voucher A&A?

You determine how much you want to offer (multiple of 10 €).
You select from our online store the product "GIFT VOUCHER".
Set the option of sending the gift voucher (bristol card) to the beneficiary or to your own address.
In the box provided to indicate the quantity of items, you specify the multiplier of 10 € you want to offer. For example, you specify 5 for the quantity in the basket for a 50 € gift voucher.
Fill in the details of the beneficiary. This information is essential to use the voucher by the recipient even if you set the option of gift certificate to your address.
Indicate who make the offer and the associated message (we will write it on the card sent).
You can specify a desired date of receipt.
You continue with your order:

  • Choose the delivery shipping for the voucher to be mailed (the shipping is free for delivery "Letter" for destinations France, overseas territories and 25 countries in Europe).
  • Do not forget to accept the terms & conditions.
  • Proceed to the checkout.

We assign a unique promotion code that will be indicated on the gift card we will send by mail and that will be used by the recipient for its command. This promotion code can be used for one year from the date of your order. In addition, the Gift Voucher will be considered lapsed and non-refundable.

The beneficiary has received a gift voucher A&A, how can he use it?

He visit our on line shop ( where we created an acount for him matching the email written on this card.
He goes to the connection page (clicks on «Login» on top left), types the email written on his card on the box «Email address» then clicks on «Forgot Your Password?». An email will be sent to him immediately with his password. He can login with his password, he is now identified by our shop
He chooses his gifts freely among our products.
A t the end of his shopping, he types the number of his gift voucher on the «Discount Codes» box.
He ends the checkout process:

  • He chose the delivery shipping for the expedition of his order.
  • He accepts the terms & conditions.
  • He proceeds to the payment.

He will be able to see that the gift voucher was deducted from the amounts due. If the total is positive he will have paid the difference, if negative, he will have to pay nothing but we do not refund the balance and the gift voucher is ended. Only one gift voucher may be deducted from each order
Warning, only gift vouchers whose number has been assigned, namely will be taken into account. If it's not the case, it will result in the cancellation of the order.

For any mailing: A&A Patrons 6 rue des 3 croissantss BP93227 44032 NANTES Cedex 1 France (tel: 0240200092), our various contact emails are listed in our contact information.

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