Did you know it?

Early as 1870 the men had the idea and tried to use casein, milk and cheese major component , as a plastics material.

After testing more or less unsuccessful, a French chemist, in the early twentieth century, Jean-Jacques Trillat, found the magic formula: he had the idea to bathe the casein paste in a formalin solution.

The resulting material is full of qualities:

  • biodegradable,
  • anti-allergic,
  • anti-static,
  • great opportunity to be dyed
  • simple and environmentally friendly method of production.

It is named galalith (from greec gala — milk — et lithos — stone).

From the early twentieth century galalith is used primarily by German and French in the manufacture of buttons, jewelry, pens, cigarette, electrical equipment, and replaces the ivory for piano keyboards and harmoniums . At that time there was not much oil, but we already had ideas ...

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Casein buttons

To complete your culture on the industrial history of casein, we invite you to browse this document (from Société Chimique de France) extremely accurate.