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It's getting cold, so we think winter, coats, knitwear?!

What would you like to sew for this winter 2016/17? To help you in your investigations, we introduce you our selection with beautiful novelties !

Buttons for coats

Our coat fabrics:
wool and boiled wool

Knitting kits

The velvet milleraies


Image term translation:

boutons en corne pour manteaux : horn buttons for coats
kit tricot: knitting kit

laine bouillie de luxe: luxury boiled wool

lainage pour manteaux: woollen for coats

Our wonderful luxury red, black and blue boiled wools will be perfect to sew you a coat this winter. These boiled wools are 100% wool of very beautiful quality. Metal, wood, horn or marble buttons are ideal for winter coats and jackets.

Don't forget our brandebourgs , these straps can be sewn on a pea jacket, cape or coat and can give a very chic effect. We have brandebourgs to sew in leather or imitation leather.

If you want to start knitting for this winter, we propose you

some Knitting kits for beginners !:

Very nice accessories like the Pavel hat kit with its mohair wool, the Sorlin snood kit in XXL wool and the minute mitts in recycled French wool. Stay informed about the release of the new knitting kits during winter around here.

the sewing skirt, poncho, jacket and sweater patterns made by A&A can be good sewing project ideas for this winter.

And you, what would make you dream of sewing for this winter?

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New shoulder pads and sleeve head strips

Jan 22, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Further to our article on "laying a sleeve head strip and a felt shoulder pad" on a jacket or coat (and its video tutorial), we are expanding our range of sleeve head strips and we present new shoulder pads we did manufacture to meet our flair requirements.

Here is a picture of the difference between the shoulder pad that we offered you in 2015, the classic one and the one we have created for you in 2016 (which replaces the previous one), the felt shoulder pad A&A:

Couture shoulder pad diagram

The cotton wadding does not subside in time unlike the polyurethane foam which also tends to disintegrate.

The tailor's canvas layer ensures good support and is better suited to the rounded shoulder. You will also notice that the shoulder pad naturally takes a rounded manner. This shoulder pad therefore stands much better than the last.

In addition, we now offer 3 different sleeve head strips:

by the meter white sleeve head strip

- The most common and universal, sold by the meter, you have to slightly deform it for the assembly so that it follows the sleeve head. It is made with a layer of wadding + a very thin layer of foam for the flair.

white shaped sleeve head strip

- The shaped sleeve head strip for jackets and coats in heavy fabrics. It is composed of a white wadding layer. This sleeve head strip is already in shape and ready to be installed.

gray shaped sleeve head strip

- The shaped sleeve head strip for lighter fabrics that require less support. Warning, if the fabric is a bit transparent, gray can be seen.

All our finishing items: shoulder pads and sleeve head strips are visible in the section "Technical products" of the haberdashery.

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Child & baby frogs

Nov 25, 2015 12:00:00 AM

We have something new to show you as frog for children!

Frogs are these small fasteners in leather or fabric to close coats, jackets. They can provide an attractive finish in the twinkling of an eye.

We therefore sought it everywhere in order to offer you various types of frogs: flowers, hearts, and different materials: imitation suede, velvet. and a pretty panel of colors.

Child & baby frogs

So you now have the choice!

To choose the suitable frog for your garment, take into account the total length of the flat frog. Flowers and hearts frogs are indeed more suited to a child's clothing (from 18 months) than velvet frogs.

shepherd velvet vest baby frogs


We sewed the velvet frog on a small shepherd jacket and rendering is really nice. You will find organic coton fur here and, in the background, we can see the needlecord velvet which is here.

baby and child coat frog

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