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Sewing kit: the beginner girl skirt

Apr 6, 2017 12:00:00 AM

A new sewing kit arrived! Ultra simple, this kit is accessible to beginners. It allows you to sew a skirt for girl with a pretty ethnic elastic.

The warbler skirt is available in fuschia pink or denim blue. The elastics are assorted: pink and black for the fuschia skirt, black and white for the denim skirt.

The explanations allow you to sew a 2 to 10 year old skirt. We are thinking of making the sewing kit for the same frou frou skirt in adult size.

The kit includes:

- 1 piece of fabric to make the skirt

- 1 piece of matching elastic band.

To sew the skirt, nothing simpler, it is by putting the elastic at the sewing machine that you realize at the same time the gathers. The step by step explanations included in the kit, will allow you to sew the skirt in 1h to 2h top time!

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To keep the little heads and necks warm, we have concocted a scarf bonnet for you. This baby knitting kit is ideal in these temperatures!

The bonnet and its scarf are knit in wool Ambiance from Fonty with needles 4.

The knitting kit is quick to make. Start with the cap, then decrease to create the back of the head. The scarf is simply made in the jersey stitch. It is attached by an invisible seam to the cap.

In this picture, our little A has a bonnet in Ambiance wool pearl grey 308 and his Augustin striped sweater assorted.

Rediscover also the Augustin striped sweater knitting kit , one of our beginners kits, very easy to make in striped or plain version.

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Pouch sewing kit for Christmas!

Nov 26, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Sewing kits for beginners arrived! To offer sewn or in kit, it is the perfect couture gift for Christmas.


Find our 2 sewing pouches :

- lace pouch

- glitter pouch

They are easy to sew, without the need to reproduce a pattern. You just have to follow our detailed explanations in pictures.

Pouch sewing kits are for beginner level. You just need to know how to use your sewing machine.
You will learn with these kits, to master the zipper sewing. You will also apply some iron-on wadding that will give more resistance to the pouch.

This pouch will shine in all your evenings: ceremony, new year, Christmas, chic party... The lace lurex and the glitter of the sequins give a very classy look.

And to offer, what better way to suggest you a small suitcase ?

Translations of the words in the above illustration:

Tissus et ouatine: Fabrics and wadding
Valisette: mini-case
Dentelle: Lace
Lannière: Thong
Zip Lurex: Lurex Zip
Pampille: Tassel

You have the choice between the pouch with the small gold glitter strips on the velvet fabric or the pouch made of jean with silver lurex lace.

The silver pouch has a small imitation leather strap and a pretty lurex tassel.

We have chosen for the pouches inside, a pretty cloth printed cream with small white cotton feathers. The fabrics provided will allow you to make several pouches by choosing yourself zippers, pompom braid, lace, bias, piping, etc..

- To get an idea of our other achievements, subscribe to our instagram account

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The baby knitting kit of the pretty striped sailor sweater Augustin is out!

This small model has to be knit simply from the bottom up, starting with a few rows of ribs 1/1 then some jersey. The body is knitted in one piece, alternating stripes is easy! The sleeves require some reductions, but this model remains accessible to beginners.

Knitting pattern for baby breton striped sailor sweater Augustin

The Breton sweater has to be knitted in this beautiful Ambiance de Fonty wool, an ultra-soft wool (it's normal, it's Merino) and that can be washed without problem by machine.

baby breton striped sailor sweater Augustin knitting kit

The sailor strip sweater model sizes go from 3 months to 2 years. You only need 2 balls to the bottom and 1 ball for scratches to the 1 year size.

child breton sweater knitting kit

The kit comes in a cute recycled bag with:

  • - 1 pair of knitting needles bamboo # 4
  • - 1 explanations and color diagrams record
  • - 4 small wooden buttons
  • - 1 yarn needle
  • - 3, 4 or 5 balls of Ambiance Fonty wool depending on the selected size

    Plus: you choose yourself your colors! If you want an ecru background with yellow mustard or blue background with gray stripes, it's time!

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    Babies sewing kits

    Jan 4, 2016 12:00:00 AM

    Happy new year 2016 !

    The end of 2015 was very active for A&A because we wanted to introduce you our last sewing kits for babies !

    Nadine has developed, after the summer, Sirli romper, Colin shepherd vest and Marouette bathrobe patterns, the plates and finally the explanations but still had to tweak the presentation as a kit.

    Baby romper sewing kit

    It is time now to tell you about these three new patterns for baby and child made in A&A patrons

    The Sirli romper pattern is available as envelope sewing pattern and as  kit. The romper is slightly puffed on the upper thighs, as a bloomer and has a rounded bib on the front, decorated with 6 buttons. The suspenders are crossed in the back.

    An intermediate sewing level is required to sew the romper, the available sizes are: 3-6-9-12 & 18 months.

    It is stitched in Corduroy and lined with organic cotton veil (for ecru). You can sew around a nice Lurex (or in the color of your choice) piping.

    Romper opens from the bottom thanks to its little snaps band easy to put (and easy for changing baby)!

    Sirli romper sewing pattern

    The Colin shepherd vest is sewn made of Organic cotton fur, Corduroy lined.

    The pattern of the vest is available as sewing envelope pattern, downloadable pattern or as sewing kit. The vest is easy to sew and accessible to beginners. Available sizes are: 3-6-9-12-18 months et 2-3-4-6-8 years. So you're spoiled for choice!

    You can add a frog or leave open. The vest will be fully reversible.

    Baby vest sewing pattern

    The Marouette bathrobe is also simple to sew and make a perfect birth gift.

    The bathrobe is available in sewing envelope pattern and as kit. It is available in: 6-12 months, 18-24 months and 3-4 years sizes.

    It has to be sewn in organic (or not) cotton sponge with a  finish in the bias tape of your choice. You also have a choice in the finishing of the seam angles: round or square and in adding a tassel on the hood and a hook at the neck.

    Baby bathrobe sewing patten

    The sewing kits of these three patterns are available on this page. We have decided to offer them in a nice carrying for decorating a child's room, make a sewing storage according to your imagination!

    They are achievable by beginners as by the most experienced. The explanations are made with precise step by step diagrams with a clear cutting plan to guide you in achieving. Patterns are designed with sizes complying to the new IFTH French standards.

    Feel free to send us your achievements with our new sewing patterns! We will post them on social networks and our blog.

    You can sew around a

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    The new knitting and sewing A&A kits

    Mar 31, 2014 12:00:00 AM

    In order to offer you more creative elements, we present our latest knitting and sewing kits.

    After the Victoire cardigan and the sleeveless vest Elie as knitting, Here are three new knitting kits: the Triade mittens for adult, the Jonas coat for baby and the last born: the Ariel jumpsuit for baby.

    Provided in the knitting kits: explanations of the model and the wool quantity corresponding to the size you wish, you can add optional knitting needles, special wool sewing needles and buttons or any accessories. Our knitting kits are carefully designed, including a prototype creation, to help you to achieve the model you crave.

    The models are very suitable for beginners, we realize explanatory videos (link on the model) to provide additional support to the model for each step.

    Our baby kits are available in a wide range of sizes and wool colors, to allow you a wider choice. Knitting kits are bargained compared to items purchased separately, enjoy ...

    On the sewing side, the little Tangara baby's vest is also available as kit!

    Supplied with the baby's vest: the tile organic cotton fabric, the picot bias and the cotton satin ribbon matching. No more excuses to find a gift idea ...

    If you have ideas in order to continue the kit saga ... do not hesitate to leave us a comment or message. And you, rather tempted by knitting or sewing kits?

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