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It's getting cold, so we think winter, coats, knitwear?!

What would you like to sew for this winter 2016/17? To help you in your investigations, we introduce you our selection with beautiful novelties !

Buttons for coats

Our coat fabrics:
wool and boiled wool

Knitting kits

The velvet milleraies


Image term translation:

boutons en corne pour manteaux : horn buttons for coats
kit tricot: knitting kit

laine bouillie de luxe: luxury boiled wool

lainage pour manteaux: woollen for coats

Our wonderful luxury red, black and blue boiled wools will be perfect to sew you a coat this winter. These boiled wools are 100% wool of very beautiful quality. Metal, wood, horn or marble buttons are ideal for winter coats and jackets.

Don't forget our brandebourgs , these straps can be sewn on a pea jacket, cape or coat and can give a very chic effect. We have brandebourgs to sew in leather or imitation leather.

If you want to start knitting for this winter, we propose you

some Knitting kits for beginners !:

Very nice accessories like the Pavel hat kit with its mohair wool, the Sorlin snood kit in XXL wool and the minute mitts in recycled French wool. Stay informed about the release of the new knitting kits during winter around here.

the sewing skirt, poncho, jacket and sweater patterns made by A&A can be good sewing project ideas for this winter.

And you, what would make you dream of sewing for this winter?

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A creative comeback

Sep 23, 2014 12:00:00 AM

The big bang of the season being over, it's time to get creative!

We present you a small selection with Scottish colors. From the binder clip, to sewing custom labels through the pretty old book and the beautiful red woollen fabric you will be equiped for a creative comeback!

Season haberdashery

All materials are available online:

1- Scottish buttons 0,65 to 1,05€
2- School bag clip 2€
3- Scottish bias 1,80€/meter
4- Red woollen fabric color 036 45,50€/meter
5- Pretty old haberdashery book 12,50€
6- Lurex Scottish ribbon 1,30€/meter
7- Iron-on embroidered badge 4€
8- Silver custom woven labels from 22,30€/100 and Size labels to be sewn 1,40€/meter

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New: lovely small wooden buttons

Jun 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM

These cute little wooden buttons arrived in the shop:

wooden buttons

Star or fir, have you chosen?

Available in our shop (click the image) -> € 0.35 piece

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This cheese with which buttons are made

Jun 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Did you know it?

Early as 1870 the men had the idea and tried to use casein, milk and cheese major component , as a plastics material.

After testing more or less unsuccessful, a French chemist, in the early twentieth century, Jean-Jacques Trillat, found the magic formula: he had the idea to bathe the casein paste in a formalin solution.

The resulting material is full of qualities:

  • biodegradable,
  • anti-allergic,
  • anti-static,
  • great opportunity to be dyed
  • simple and environmentally friendly method of production.

It is named galalith (from greec gala — milk — et lithos — stone).

From the early twentieth century galalith is used primarily by German and French in the manufacture of buttons, jewelry, pens, cigarette, electrical equipment, and replaces the ivory for piano keyboards and harmoniums . At that time there was not much oil, but we already had ideas ...

This is why we can offer you in limited quantities, a collection of casein buttons. Enjoy, there will not be for everyone!

Casein buttons

To complete your culture on the industrial history of casein, we invite you to browse this document (from Société Chimique de France) extremely accurate.

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