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The Couture Journal in pre-sale!

Jun 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

With Nadine, we worked on its realization for months.

We had the idea of this Sewing Planner thanks to a meeting with a printer, on a completely different subject (we will tell you more soon).

But here it was, we had to face the obviousness, the production had to be large otherwise the notebook was going to cost expensive, too expensive for our eyes.

That's why we started the pre-sale on Ulule!

Thanks to your support, we have had a better idea of your request and above all, we have been able to launch the production of the booklet which requires a very heavy investment for a small company like ours.

For the record, that planner gave us a hard time. After finalizing all the files (drawings, layout made by us), we wanted the ideal paper to draw on.

Because without paper, there's no notebook. After three attempts by the printer, we finally found the paper that gave the perfect rendering for coloring crayons, replaying with fine felt on watermark lines or writing in the boxes of fabric tables, patterns, simply !

After the success of the pre-sale (project financed 184% by you), the sale of the Couture Journal continues on our website...

My Couture Planner

Mon journal de Couture

€19 Incl. Tax:

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Sewing kit: the beginner girl skirt

Apr 6, 2017 12:00:00 AM

A new sewing kit arrived! Ultra simple, this kit is accessible to beginners. It allows you to sew a skirt for girl with a pretty ethnic elastic.

The warbler skirt is available in fuschia pink or denim blue. The elastics are assorted: pink and black for the fuschia skirt, black and white for the denim skirt.

The explanations allow you to sew a 2 to 10 year old skirt. We are thinking of making the sewing kit for the same frou frou skirt in adult size.

The kit includes:

- 1 piece of fabric to make the skirt

- 1 piece of matching elastic band.

To sew the skirt, nothing simpler, it is by putting the elastic at the sewing machine that you realize at the same time the gathers. The step by step explanations included in the kit, will allow you to sew the skirt in 1h to 2h top time!

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It's getting cold, so we think winter, coats, knitwear?!

What would you like to sew for this winter 2016/17? To help you in your investigations, we introduce you our selection with beautiful novelties !

Buttons for coats

Our coat fabrics:
wool and boiled wool

Knitting kits

The velvet milleraies


Image term translation:

boutons en corne pour manteaux : horn buttons for coats
kit tricot: knitting kit

laine bouillie de luxe: luxury boiled wool

lainage pour manteaux: woollen for coats

Our wonderful luxury red, black and blue boiled wools will be perfect to sew you a coat this winter. These boiled wools are 100% wool of very beautiful quality. Metal, wood, horn or marble buttons are ideal for winter coats and jackets.

Don't forget our brandebourgs , these straps can be sewn on a pea jacket, cape or coat and can give a very chic effect. We have brandebourgs to sew in leather or imitation leather.

If you want to start knitting for this winter, we propose you

some Knitting kits for beginners !:

Very nice accessories like the Pavel hat kit with its mohair wool, the Sorlin snood kit in XXL wool and the minute mitts in recycled French wool. Stay informed about the release of the new knitting kits during winter around here.

the sewing skirt, poncho, jacket and sweater patterns made by A&A can be good sewing project ideas for this winter.

And you, what would make you dream of sewing for this winter?

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Pretty lace

Aug 30, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Lace, guipure, these so fine and delicate materials remain timeless. This is the time to offer you tutorials and inspirations we have gleaned here and there on pinterest. pinterest.

Lace adorns wedding dresses forever but we also find it in recent years to customize the everyday clothes in order to:

- edge a sweater bottom,

- make beautiful materials contrasts on shorts or a skirt,

- add openwork to the cardigan sleeves,

- decorate small accessories: scarves, stoles, headband, cases, bags, etc.

To find your happiness, we have updated all our lace and guipure on our website,

Lingerie lace, Calais lace, elastic lace, guipure, openwork scales, a large variety is available for you if, like us, you love the lace!

You have with lace or guipure pretty achievements ideas? Share them with us on  Instagram ou Facebook

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Not too fast, no pressure!

Aug 24, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Not too fast, no pressure it's currently (still) holidays for the most lucky among you! the opportunity to review the snaps fasteners with you.

There are a variety of these buttons but, you'd like to put on a sleeping bag, a bib, a bag or even a shirt and you can not choose?

We make a summary of everything that exists here. We would also compare  Kam clamp and  Vario clamp by Prym . These are the two best known clamps used for laying snaps.

Snaps to sew

In plastic, they are very convenient to lay, available in black and transparent in many diameters. We propose

- Pryms from 7 to 21 mm available transparent only,

- black or transparent from 7 to 13 mm

- colored 21 mm and 17 mm

- leather imitations square or round.

Made of metal black or silver (sometimes bronze). These buttons are generally sold in packs of 6. These are the cheapest in the range. By cons, they can be a little bit difficult to clip / unclip.

The snaps-fastener strip is also handy when you want to quickly sew by machine a length of snaps. As pants or bloomers baby crotch for example. 

These snaps are a little bit slow to put because you have both sides to sew passing many times with the thread in order to hold well. But it is the most economical and you will not need clamp.

Snaps to lay with a clamp

These are the simplest buttons to lay! if you hate sewing a button and buttonhole, the easiest way is to put a snap with clamps. After the first snaps laid, you will not be afraid of those famous clamps.

The plastic or resin snaps are the last of the range and best known today.

The  Kam clamp allowed the easy to lay resin snaps development. They are available online in many colors and forms: star, heart, little and big circle. We have chosen to introduce the tranparent KAM snaps.

Prym recently, too created his easy to lay snaps called Color-Snaps . These snaps can be laid with the Vario clamp by Prym , multipurpose but surprisingly less known than the KAM clamp (yet less expensive and versatile).

This Prym clamp allows to lay many types of snaps that can not the KAM:

- The Color snaps . They are made of colored plastic with a metallic interior. The Buttons box is more expensive than plastic but they are sturdier and will hold better in time. Beware though, this series has been stopped by the manufacturer, we sell them until the end of stock.

- The new Color-Snaps , which replaces the Color. Available in 40 colors. The color-snaps will both be laid on the jersey on the woven. Be careful to enought press in order to lay the snap because they are slightly lighter than previous. They are suitable for all types of medium weight fabrics.

- The anorak snaps , perfect for coats. They are all made of metal.

- The jersey snaps with claws on ring, pearly or with a disc, used to be laid on stretch fabrics such as knitted avoiding tearing during use.

- The riveting snaps . very professional and in several colors. They are also very strong and ideal for coats, bags, pouches and rigid fabrics.

The Prym Vario clamp also has the advantage of being able to lay  eyelets and  rivets or even trousers hooks. So, It is much more versatile than the KAM clamp:

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Sewing your underwear or swimsuit

Jul 13, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Many of us look for the perfect swimsuit for this summer... And if we would go into sewing a unique and original one?

We noticed the success of our swimsuit clasps and hooks, adjustment buckles and bra rings.

All this little equipment needed to swimsuit and bra sewing seems difficult to find in France. So, we are headed to look for providers to expand our range and to summarize for you the useful material.

Basic equipment for sewing lingerie (any type):

- Stretch thread

- Jersey needles


For a swimming suit, you will have to find the mat, or shiny, or patterned super stretch Lycra fabric. From our side, we have not yet found the perfect quality to offer you ...

For hems, we add an invisible and sea water resistant, very flat elastic, I appointed the framilon !

To fasten your swimsuit, we released a multitude of metal or plastic back clasps .

You could also sew  swimsuit pads to bring more structure, we have some flesh colored or white.


To sew your underwear (bra and panties, tanga, boxer...) you need some very soft jersey fabric containing a small amount of elasthan. We advise you to take organic cotton knitted fabric which will be very soft to wear.

For straps, you will have to sew yourself from the same fabric and elastic, or buy ready-made. We can provide by the meter transparent elastic straps, double sided, white and pastel colors:

Good news, to adjust your straps and attach them properly to the bra, we offer a wide choice of colors and materials:

- the adjustment buckles

- the straps hooks

- the straps rings

If you want to sew a bra with underwiring, we also have the sizes choice of  straps rings and also of  armature protectors .

To fasten your bra on the back you can choose between:

- the by the meter  hooks strip flesh coloured, white or black,

- the white hooks sold by two with elastic

You can also find our  bra extenders over there.

Well now you have the basis for your underwear, but if we talk about ornament, you can add a wide, thin elastic lace or then border with a mat tape, satin or chiffon as bias (but very elastic).

- the wide  lycra elastic laces : blue, pink or green sequned, gray or white.

- the  thin elastic laces , with picots or scalloped.

- the  matt, satin or chiffon pre folded strips .

Also find over there our white or ecru linen bows.

Little more to keep your underwear or swimsuit strapless (also useful for strapless dresses) the by the meter silicone tape !

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5 websites to learn sewing

Feb 17, 2016 12:00:00 AM

You start sewing and looking for help to learn to sew online? We offer today a small blogs and websites overview  for beginners and more savvy dressmakers to help you answer all your sewing questions:

Thread and needles logo

Thread&Needles Thread & Needles is the reference community website for sewing and knitting. The site was created in 2010 by passionate about sewing, now the site has been widely enriched. Very interactive, volunteers regularly publish articles on the blog:

♦ Keeping you informed of the latest patterns and sewing books releases,

♦ Introducing a seamstress or a tailor with interview,

Giving desire with projects that inspire,

♦ Showing a technique, sewing or knitting tools,

Presenting an artist, an exhibition related to sewing or knitting.

As a community site, the big advantage of T&N is to offer an account where you can post your sewing & knitting projects. You add a title, an image, a link to your blog and other people in the community can interact with you via comments and private messages.

Your project is then referenced in the gallery. Each member may vote and may become the "popular of the week" project.

The website also contains very active sewing and knitting groups. Notably by region, allowing you to organize or to meet other real dressmakers or knitters in your corner.

These groups can also allow you to answer your questions about sewing or knitting technical problems.

The + : Thread&Needles is a very complete website as you will understand. It allows to virtually or actually meet bloggers through project presentations.

Artesane is a new website created by the talented blogger Annie Coton . The principle is to offer sewing and knitting online classes and it will increase with arts and crafts.

Several recognized teachers therefore propose a course related to their field of choice.

The platform Artesane is beautiful and well done. Most courses are paid (and that's normal considering the work) but you will also find free lessons. Many videos workshops will emerge during 2016 have to watch closely!

The +: Artesane also contains a nice "newspaper" including clear tips on cloth or special sewing techniques, in particular. The illustrations are very well done and the approach discusses in depth techniques.


Couture Débutant logo

This blog was created in 2015 by a young sewing instructor Margaux.

Couture Débutant, is first to overcome the issues and redundant problems of its sewing beginners students. It notes that the problems of sewing beginners are always the same and there are very few site dedicated to the first steps.

Since then, the blog growed and Margaux offers:

♦ Super simple sewing DIY to not be afraid to begin it,

♦ Its patterns and magazine testing,

Its best addresses both on the web than real,

A Youtube channel offering basis support for amateur fashion designers.

The +: The universe of its blog is cool and pleasant. It makes you want to put it right away now even if you were born with two left hands, with these step by step tutorials, you are sure to get there!


This vintage and quirky look blog is full of good sewing ideas with supporting tutorials.

There are as well many basic sewing lessons as customization DIY.

There you will find a wealth of information to choose your sewing machine, sewing a particular fabric, but also make everything simple accessories like a headband, a collar, etc.

The +: the blogger's humor. The articles, both for sewing in mood editorial or general web articles are really funny!



Petit Citron is a small community sewing site. It was created by Perrine Colignon in 2007. She wanted to set up as a virtual sewing club.

The site offers in image sewing techniques, but also free simple patterns.

To participate, send your projects, technical ideas, etc. Just create an account on the site.

The +: the Petit Citron blog is full of tips and inspirations for sewing. It is a mine of information interesting when you start!

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New shoulder pads and sleeve head strips

Jan 22, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Further to our article on "laying a sleeve head strip and a felt shoulder pad" on a jacket or coat (and its video tutorial), we are expanding our range of sleeve head strips and we present new shoulder pads we did manufacture to meet our flair requirements.

Here is a picture of the difference between the shoulder pad that we offered you in 2015, the classic one and the one we have created for you in 2016 (which replaces the previous one), the felt shoulder pad A&A:

Couture shoulder pad diagram

The cotton wadding does not subside in time unlike the polyurethane foam which also tends to disintegrate.

The tailor's canvas layer ensures good support and is better suited to the rounded shoulder. You will also notice that the shoulder pad naturally takes a rounded manner. This shoulder pad therefore stands much better than the last.

In addition, we now offer 3 different sleeve head strips:

by the meter white sleeve head strip

- The most common and universal, sold by the meter, you have to slightly deform it for the assembly so that it follows the sleeve head. It is made with a layer of wadding + a very thin layer of foam for the flair.

white shaped sleeve head strip

- The shaped sleeve head strip for jackets and coats in heavy fabrics. It is composed of a white wadding layer. This sleeve head strip is already in shape and ready to be installed.

gray shaped sleeve head strip

- The shaped sleeve head strip for lighter fabrics that require less support. Warning, if the fabric is a bit transparent, gray can be seen.

All our finishing items: shoulder pads and sleeve head strips are visible in the section "Technical products" of the haberdashery.

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A&A patrons Sales

Jan 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Go for A&A patrons madness sales.

We have selected many fabrics, wool, knitting magazines, charms, lace, ribbons and braids for these 2016 winter sales.

Find more than 100 items on sale up to 50%!

A et A patrons sales

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Babies sewing kits

Jan 4, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Happy new year 2016 !

The end of 2015 was very active for A&A because we wanted to introduce you our last sewing kits for babies !

Nadine has developed, after the summer, Sirli romper, Colin shepherd vest and Marouette bathrobe patterns, the plates and finally the explanations but still had to tweak the presentation as a kit.

Baby romper sewing kit

It is time now to tell you about these three new patterns for baby and child made in A&A patrons

The Sirli romper pattern is available as envelope sewing pattern and as  kit. The romper is slightly puffed on the upper thighs, as a bloomer and has a rounded bib on the front, decorated with 6 buttons. The suspenders are crossed in the back.

An intermediate sewing level is required to sew the romper, the available sizes are: 3-6-9-12 & 18 months.

It is stitched in Corduroy and lined with organic cotton veil (for ecru). You can sew around a nice Lurex (or in the color of your choice) piping.

Romper opens from the bottom thanks to its little snaps band easy to put (and easy for changing baby)!

Sirli romper sewing pattern

The Colin shepherd vest is sewn made of Organic cotton fur, Corduroy lined.

The pattern of the vest is available as sewing envelope pattern, downloadable pattern or as sewing kit. The vest is easy to sew and accessible to beginners. Available sizes are: 3-6-9-12-18 months et 2-3-4-6-8 years. So you're spoiled for choice!

You can add a frog or leave open. The vest will be fully reversible.

Baby vest sewing pattern

The Marouette bathrobe is also simple to sew and make a perfect birth gift.

The bathrobe is available in sewing envelope pattern and as kit. It is available in: 6-12 months, 18-24 months and 3-4 years sizes.

It has to be sewn in organic (or not) cotton sponge with a  finish in the bias tape of your choice. You also have a choice in the finishing of the seam angles: round or square and in adding a tassel on the hood and a hook at the neck.

Baby bathrobe sewing patten

The sewing kits of these three patterns are available on this page. We have decided to offer them in a nice carrying for decorating a child's room, make a sewing storage according to your imagination!

They are achievable by beginners as by the most experienced. The explanations are made with precise step by step diagrams with a clear cutting plan to guide you in achieving. Patterns are designed with sizes complying to the new IFTH French standards.

Feel free to send us your achievements with our new sewing patterns! We will post them on social networks and our blog.

You can sew around a

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