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Arrival of organic sweatshirt fabrics!

Sep 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM

September arrival, here we are: beautiful organic cotton sweatshirts fabrics in navy blue and light blue have just been available.

Very thick for the coming winter, in 210 g/m². With an ultra-soft brushed grey reverse also called French terry.


sweat bio bleu marine


Sweat doux gratté coton bio marine

This fleece is very pleasant to sew with an overlock sewing machine. But you can do without it by reading Marie Poisson's book: Sew the stretch and make a sweatshirt with the numerous explanations.

Find the set of our organic cotton sweatwear fabrics by the meter here.

The matching elastic bands will be online soon! The perfect necklines and wrists are yours ;).

Our organic fabrics are priced by the meter and can be ordered from 10 cm.

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The Couture Journal in pre-sale!

Jun 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

With Nadine, we worked on its realization for months.

We had the idea of this Sewing Planner thanks to a meeting with a printer, on a completely different subject (we will tell you more soon).

But here it was, we had to face the obviousness, the production had to be large otherwise the notebook was going to cost expensive, too expensive for our eyes.

That's why we started the pre-sale on Ulule!

Thanks to your support, we have had a better idea of your request and above all, we have been able to launch the production of the booklet which requires a very heavy investment for a small company like ours.

For the record, that planner gave us a hard time. After finalizing all the files (drawings, layout made by us), we wanted the ideal paper to draw on.

Because without paper, there's no notebook. After three attempts by the printer, we finally found the paper that gave the perfect rendering for coloring crayons, replaying with fine felt on watermark lines or writing in the boxes of fabric tables, patterns, simply !

After the success of the pre-sale (project financed 184% by you), the sale of the Couture Journal continues on our website...

My Couture Planner

Mon journal de Couture

Regular Price: €19 Incl. Tax:

Our Price: €15 Incl. Tax:

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New chambray patterned fabrics!

May 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Pretty patterned fabrics have just appeared on our website!

These chambrays are fluid, perfect for sewing a dress, a shirt and children's clothes.
The chambrays are 100% cotton.



Which pattern do you prefer?



On our side, we fall for small bikes...


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Sewing kit: the beginner girl skirt

Apr 6, 2017 12:00:00 AM

A new sewing kit arrived! Ultra simple, this kit is accessible to beginners. It allows you to sew a skirt for girl with a pretty ethnic elastic.

The warbler skirt is available in fuschia pink or denim blue. The elastics are assorted: pink and black for the fuschia skirt, black and white for the denim skirt.

The explanations allow you to sew a 2 to 10 year old skirt. We are thinking of making the sewing kit for the same frou frou skirt in adult size.

The kit includes:

- 1 piece of fabric to make the skirt

- 1 piece of matching elastic band.

To sew the skirt, nothing simpler, it is by putting the elastic at the sewing machine that you realize at the same time the gathers. The step by step explanations included in the kit, will allow you to sew the skirt in 1h to 2h top time!

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Large supply of plain organic cotton knitwear by the meter.

We are always looking for organic fabrics for you, we find them softer, of better quality, but also, in accordance with our ecological values... We found this thin and soft sweatshirt fabric that holds perfectly well.

For the realization of your waistcoats, tops, dresses, children's clothes or even for a skirt, we crossed the road of this pretty sweatshirt fabric in organic cotton. This very beautiful fine sweatshirt fabric can be sewn by machine or overlock. It is very pleasant to the touch. The organic cotton sweatshirt fabric is available in ecru, petrol blue and taupe.

We are coming soon with a range of edge ribs for neckline or wrist finishes. Ideal for sewing bodysuits, sweatshirts, pyjamas...

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Bird cloth Sirli baby romper pattern!

Mar 13, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The baby romper sewing pattern is finding more and more followers! Thank you very much. Notably to Caroline from une Souris à Paris for all her versions, in particular that of the bloomer.

It' s the occasion for us to rework the pattern so that it corresponds as well as possible to your expectations. In the coming weeks, you will find the model in a new pocket with the addition of the 24 and 36 months sizes.

Our little A also often wears his Sirli romper . That sewn birdie version looks good on him, doesn't it?

For information: The little A is 12 months old, 77 cm high, 8,5 kg. He wears the romper in size 9 months. It' s just a little tight at the waist.

For more comfort at waist level, we advise you to use a mesh elastic band . much softer than a classic ribbed elastic.

The fabric used is the beige bird cottonade, we also have the grey and the blue one .

Take some single piping or Lurex to make the outline of the romper!

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What sewing ideas in jacquard fabric?

Feb 20, 2017 12:00:00 AM

New jacquard fabrics have just arrived at A&A!

It's a chance to get ideas, right? What kind of jacquard clothing inspire you?

This particular weave is generally perfect for late winter and early spring stitchings.

The thickness of the jacquard allows the creation of jackets, skirts and for the finest, trousers.

On our side, we have found some inspirations to help you:


At A&A, we particularly like jacquard designs. In particular, we have found this beautiful black and white jacquard woven with a very beautiful cuppered lurex. The geometric pattern also attracted us a lot...

We can clearly see it sewn for a skirt or a classy jacket?

Here is also a nice jacquard wool with knitted loops in black and white or ecru and white version for a pencil skirt for example?


And you, how do you feel about jacquard sewing fabrics?

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The plain cotton veil is back!

Feb 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The cotton veil is a basic part of the wardrobe. Whether it is for a top, a summer skirt, a bloomer for baby, the fabric plain cotton veil is indispensable.

This fabric is very soft, light and slightly transparent.

The cotton veil is very often used to liner a garment when you wish a fine cotton fabric, for a skirt or a mid-season jacket for example.

We are happy to present you new perfect colours to prepare the summer:

- Rose Nude (Nude pink),
- Vert menthe,
- Blanc cassé (Off-white),
- Bleu ciel lavande (Lavender sky blue).


We have also chosen more winter colours to sew your linings:

- Taupe
- Noir (black)
- Vert émeraude (Emerald green)
- Marron chocolat (Chocolate brown)
- et Bleu marine (Navy Blue)

What sewing project do these plain cotton voile fabrics inspire you? More like a blouse, a dress, a bloomer?

And don't forget, if you have a doubt about the color, about the fall of a fabric? You can buy on most of our fabrics a 10 cm sample refundable in the case of the purchase of an identical fabric length afterwards.

In order to offer you greater flexibility, you can buy most of our fabrics by 10 cm cuts.

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New organic fabrics: Quilted jerseys

Dec 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM

We were looking forward to presenting you our new organic cotton fabrics: quilted jerseys .

Right now, we see them everywhere, but it's hard to find them in 100% organic cotton! We found the rare pearl and we are very happy to offer you a quality fabric with trendy colors and ecological.

This quilted jersey is very wide: 1.75 m. That leaves you plenty to do. ;)

Quilted jersey is used in many models. It is soft, warm and pleasant. Looking for sewing ideas?

For children's and baby's clothes: Baby pouch, Legging, Bloomer, Pyjama, Vest

For women's clothing: Skirt, Sweat, Vest.

Accessories: Snood or scarf, Bag, Pouch

The yellow quilted jersey verges on the mustard, a good idea to spruce up your wardrobe. The pink is just well dosed, the dark blue verges on the duck... We have the possibility to take other colors so don't hesitate to keep up to date!

These beautiful quilted fabrics are available in dark blue , in light pink and in mustard yellow . We offer you the exact sewing thread number for each fabric!

We hope to soon introduce you to new discoveries in organic fabrics... Case to follow. We would like so much to propose you pretty patterns to sew in these jerseys quilted organic, ideas flow but time is missing.

Also discover our pinterest page with many sewing ideas in our fabrics here.

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Pouch sewing kit for Christmas!

Nov 26, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Sewing kits for beginners arrived! To offer sewn or in kit, it is the perfect couture gift for Christmas.


Find our 2 sewing pouches :

- lace pouch

- glitter pouch

They are easy to sew, without the need to reproduce a pattern. You just have to follow our detailed explanations in pictures.

Pouch sewing kits are for beginner level. You just need to know how to use your sewing machine.
You will learn with these kits, to master the zipper sewing. You will also apply some iron-on wadding that will give more resistance to the pouch.

This pouch will shine in all your evenings: ceremony, new year, Christmas, chic party... The lace lurex and the glitter of the sequins give a very classy look.

And to offer, what better way to suggest you a small suitcase ?

Translations of the words in the above illustration:

Tissus et ouatine: Fabrics and wadding
Valisette: mini-case
Dentelle: Lace
Lannière: Thong
Zip Lurex: Lurex Zip
Pampille: Tassel

You have the choice between the pouch with the small gold glitter strips on the velvet fabric or the pouch made of jean with silver lurex lace.

The silver pouch has a small imitation leather strap and a pretty lurex tassel.

We have chosen for the pouches inside, a pretty cloth printed cream with small white cotton feathers. The fabrics provided will allow you to make several pouches by choosing yourself zippers, pompom braid, lace, bias, piping, etc..

- To get an idea of our other achievements, subscribe to our instagram account

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