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The plain cotton veil is back!

Feb 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The cotton veil is a basic part of the wardrobe. Whether it is for a top, a summer skirt, a bloomer for baby, the fabric plain cotton veil is indispensable.

This fabric is very soft, light and slightly transparent.

The cotton veil is very often used to liner a garment when you wish a fine cotton fabric, for a skirt or a mid-season jacket for example.

We are happy to present you new perfect colours to prepare the summer:

- Rose Nude (Nude pink),
- Vert menthe,
- Blanc cassé (Off-white),
- Bleu ciel lavande (Lavender sky blue).


We have also chosen more winter colours to sew your linings:

- Taupe
- Noir (black)
- Vert émeraude (Emerald green)
- Marron chocolat (Chocolate brown)
- et Bleu marine (Navy Blue)

What sewing project do these plain cotton voile fabrics inspire you? More like a blouse, a dress, a bloomer?

And don't forget, if you have a doubt about the color, about the fall of a fabric? You can buy on most of our fabrics a 10 cm sample refundable in the case of the purchase of an identical fabric length afterwards.

In order to offer you greater flexibility, you can buy most of our fabrics by 10 cm cuts.

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Plain cotton fabric discounted

Sep 14, 2016 12:00:00 AM

To begin this new school year, we offer this big promotion:

All our plain cotton fabrics -50% discount.

In all, 14 colors 5 € per meter instead of 10 €.

So here we go for sewing new pockets, purse, skirt and accessories!

In addition, these cotton fabrics are available from 10 cm.

We are working on our basic plain fabrics ranges to offer you beautiful materials, always of high quality with trendy colors ...

We are seeking in particular to diversify our certified fabrics ranges OEKO-TEX 100 (perfect for babies) and organic cotton fabrics. To keep you informed of our upcoming finds, you can follow our Facebook page or our Instagram account.

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