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Lace headband

Aug 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM

For this tutorial, we thought of wedding hairstyles or parties This lace headband is very simple to make and adds a nice customization to a simple hairstyle. The tutorial can be adapted to the manufacture of any lace or ribbon headband, it just requires that the metal fastener width is adapted to the ribbon width!

At first, you need:

- about 45 cm of 35 mm cotton lace

- 2 antique silver metal clips, 3 cm width

- about 18 cm of black or white elastic, 3 mm width, 4 gums (according to the color of your light or dark hair)

- some sewing thread matching the lace (raw or white) and a needle

lace headband tutorial

1 / Prepare your sewing needle with the thread and lace.

lace head jewel diy

2 / Fold the tip of the lace once and then a second time to form a small hem and sew the hem with your needle.

wedding lace headband tutorial

3 / Sew stitching still in the second row of holes, with back stitches.

lace headband tutorial

lace headband tutorial

4 / Repeat with the second side.

lace head jewel diy

5 / Then insert the black or white elastic in the remaining two large loops.

lace head jewel diy

6 / Sew by hand or machine (with a zigzag stitching) the elastic previously 1 cm superimposed.

lace head jewel diy

7 / Cut the threads and try!

raw lace headband

We have a large selection of laces, ribbons, or even trimmings that can adapt to this tutorial, leave room to your imagination.

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Wedding decoration

Jun 17, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Summer is on our doorstep which means: wedding season!

For the occasion, we prepared a small pinterest array of different decor ideas and tutorials found here and there on the net and on pinterest of lace, ribbons, wool, creations for weddings.

Whether for table decoration, the camera space, the wedding hairstyle or the bridal bouquet, everything is there to make an hand-made decoration!

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The guests wristbands

The guests wristbands

New product to join our departments: the guests wristbands can be offered to your friends for a party as a sign of recognition they will enjoy.

But we always offer the message wristbands which usage is the same.


So, how to choose?

We offer below a table outlining the differences to help you.

Guests wristbandsMessage wristbands


AspectMattShiny (satin)
ReversibleNo (woven threads on the back)Yes (satin on back without text)
Width12 mm8 mm
Characters40 max per line60 max
Lines1 or 2 according to the writing style1
Text styles3 fonts4 fonts
text colors1415
Ribbon colors726
Price for 2539,60 €Nil
Prix pour 5047,10 €87,60 € (promo)
Price for 200158,50 €112,65 € (promo)
Price for 500379,30 €170,25 € (promo)


These products are highly complementary:

  • You will choose according to your taste and depending on use,
  • also you will choose depending on your budget and the quantities involved

    As any printing product message, wristbands become very competitive for large quantities (from about 150).

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