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Arrival of organic sweatshirt fabrics!

Sep 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM

September arrival, here we are: beautiful organic cotton sweatshirts fabrics in navy blue and light blue have just been available.

Very thick for the coming winter, in 210 g/m². With an ultra-soft brushed grey reverse also called French terry.


sweat bio bleu marine


Sweat doux gratté coton bio marine

This fleece is very pleasant to sew with an overlock sewing machine. But you can do without it by reading Marie Poisson's book: Sew the stretch and make a sweatshirt with the numerous explanations.

Find the set of our organic cotton sweatwear fabrics by the meter here.

The matching elastic bands will be online soon! The perfect necklines and wrists are yours ;).

Our organic fabrics are priced by the meter and can be ordered from 10 cm.

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The plain cotton veil is back!

Feb 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The cotton veil is a basic part of the wardrobe. Whether it is for a top, a summer skirt, a bloomer for baby, the fabric plain cotton veil is indispensable.

This fabric is very soft, light and slightly transparent.

The cotton veil is very often used to liner a garment when you wish a fine cotton fabric, for a skirt or a mid-season jacket for example.

We are happy to present you new perfect colours to prepare the summer:

- Rose Nude (Nude pink),
- Vert menthe,
- Blanc cassé (Off-white),
- Bleu ciel lavande (Lavender sky blue).


We have also chosen more winter colours to sew your linings:

- Taupe
- Noir (black)
- Vert émeraude (Emerald green)
- Marron chocolat (Chocolate brown)
- et Bleu marine (Navy Blue)

What sewing project do these plain cotton voile fabrics inspire you? More like a blouse, a dress, a bloomer?

And don't forget, if you have a doubt about the color, about the fall of a fabric? You can buy on most of our fabrics a 10 cm sample refundable in the case of the purchase of an identical fabric length afterwards.

In order to offer you greater flexibility, you can buy most of our fabrics by 10 cm cuts.

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Plain cotton fabric discounted

Sep 14, 2016 12:00:00 AM

To begin this new school year, we offer this big promotion:

All our plain cotton fabrics -50% discount.

In all, 14 colors 5 € per meter instead of 10 €.

So here we go for sewing new pockets, purse, skirt and accessories!

In addition, these cotton fabrics are available from 10 cm.

We are working on our basic plain fabrics ranges to offer you beautiful materials, always of high quality with trendy colors ...

We are seeking in particular to diversify our certified fabrics ranges OEKO-TEX 100 (perfect for babies) and organic cotton fabrics. To keep you informed of our upcoming finds, you can follow our Facebook page or our Instagram account.

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Something new concerning the fabrics! We just received the beautiful Cotton + Steel printed fabrics.

Cotton and Steel fabrics

We could not resist to the beautiful well fitting from the Frock collection. These are two rayon fabrics with small red or blue-green triangles.


Gemstone Cotton and steel viscose fabric


We also fell for small cross with yellow mustard and mint green backgrounds in the Cotton & Steel basics collection. These are good qualities cottons. The colors range has a nice sweetness.


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric

This is the kind of fabric you would like to see sewn into a light jacket, shorts, dress ...


Cotton and Steel cotton fabric


Mint green and white poplin with golden triangles you can see, it's a pretty fabric by Art Gallery, from the Arizona limited collection. Going with everything cotton fabric while being chic with these little golden triangles, it will delight your entire wardrobe!


We are very happy to show you these little wonders, especially that ... shh, the rest is coming in the following months!

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How to choose the sewing thread?

Mar 25, 2015 12:00:00 AM

The sewing thread is a major element to consider when you start sewing. With the pattern, the fabric and the sewing machine of course.

sewing machine thread

In order to choose its sewing thread, must be taken into account:

- Color: the sewing thread color must matched the fabric. The dominant color of our fabric is chosen. Whatever our fabric is floral, striped or geometric patterns. In general, it is better to rely on a darker color than our fabric.
As it is difficult to choose a color on internet, we offer that you send us a sample of your fabric in order we adapt the color of thread for you for free.

- Material: the most common material in sewing thread is polyester. Cotton is also available but it is quite expensive. Polyester sewing thread offer a wider choice of colors for an economical price.

- Quality: be careful, it is important not to skimp on sewing thread quality! There are a multitude of very cheap sewing machine threads but of poor quality which, over time, will damage your sewing machine. So beware to supermarket sewing threads or online kits.

Unfortunately, we know very well the problem through our sewing machine repair service...
We advise you to choose a slightly more expensive sewing thread but high quality. The d'A&A sewig thread is manufactured in France and has never caused any trouble to our machines...

It is possible to test the thread quality with its strength, the sewing thread that we offer resists to a 1.1kg weight.

sewing machine thread

The various kinds of sewing threads;

- The classic sewing thread: for making clothes and all type of decorations. This is the universal thread for family sewing machines. We offer 240 colors.

You can choose different packages : in small reel 200m, average reel 1000m or cone 5000m which is particularly suitable for the serger but can also be used in sewing machine with an adapter: the cone holder.

- The elastic sewing thread: thread particularly used to make smocking or gathers. Knitting, it is also used to tighten ribs of a sock.

- Overlock thread:thread with bouffant appearance. This thread is particularly used with the serger or coverstitch machine for the knitted fabric sewing. Therefore it is proposed by 2000m or 10000m cone. Overlock thread is used frequently for lingerie, swimwear and sportswear.


If you are new to sewing, you'll need quickly to have a mix of the main colors and especially white, black and raw. If you sew regularly, it is recommended to take 1000m reels more economical.

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New free model: The Bow necklace

Sep 3, 2014 12:00:00 AM

To wish you a nice and good come back, we offer you a new free download model: The bow necklace.

Free knitting pattern: The bow necklace

A very simple bow to knit for beginners. The bow necklace is easy and quick to make and allows to easily learn the garter st.

Just add two smaller rings at the ends and put a chain to make it a nice jewelry to accent your outfit.

To download freely the bow model, click on the image and add it to your cart then signup, it's free.

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New organic fabrics arrival!

Jun 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM

We just welcome many new organic fabrics on the website and we enjoy talking to you about them, but above all to show you these wonders! :

New organic fabrics

On the top you can see the simple knitted jersey or sweat-shirt in a beautiful flecked gray. Both organic knitted have color in harmony and may eventually be worn as a shirt/sweatshirt set. The sweat-shirt (on the right) is made of a very soft quilted fabric inside:

sweatshirt fabric and flecked gray organic jersey

Then, we present the organic linen jersey natural, undyed and unbleached. This jersey is very soft, silky and slightly transparent. The flax used for this jersey is grown in France in Normandy and also knitted in France, making it a very local jersey!

French organic linen jersey

Then comes the cotton piqué, a very popular jersey, particularly for making polo shirts. It is also available in a natural unbleached color (not dyed):

Organic cotton Piqué

The organic fabrics arrival also contains this beautiful coating jersey. To sew an undersheet or in achieving washable baby diapers, this is essential. The organic coating cotton is waterproof on one side (and brilliant) and soft (matte) on the jersey side:

Waterproof organic cotton jersey

The organic cotton swaddling cloth, coming back into fashion lately, especially for making clothes, but again and again for cloth diapers. It is sold by 80 x 80 cm squares, just sew the four hems in order the swaddling cloth is ready for use:

Organic cotton swaddling cloth

So, did you enjoy this arrival? If you have fabrics yens, don't forget that you can order a 10 cm sample of all our fabrics (not discounted items), you will automatically receive a voucher for your future same fabric order.

Organic cotton and linen fabrics and jersey

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News : Cotton yarn Alto

Jul 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM

A new thread arrived for summer on the online haberdashery!

This combed cotton, very soft and easy to knit is perfect for baby or summer clothes

We have today three coordinated colors to knit without moderation for summer:

Fil Alto

You want to see a clothe realised with this thread? ... Here is a nice achievement knitted with blue color Alto (065) by Tida in 6 months:

Gilet en alto

Vest pattern comes from the book "Tricots intemporels pour bébés"

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