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Arrival of organic sweatshirt fabrics!

Sep 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM

September arrival, here we are: beautiful organic cotton sweatshirts fabrics in navy blue and light blue have just been available.

Very thick for the coming winter, in 210 g/m². With an ultra-soft brushed grey reverse also called French terry.


sweat bio bleu marine


Sweat doux gratté coton bio marine

This fleece is very pleasant to sew with an overlock sewing machine. But you can do without it by reading Marie Poisson's book: Sew the stretch and make a sweatshirt with the numerous explanations.

Find the set of our organic cotton sweatwear fabrics by the meter here.

The matching elastic bands will be online soon! The perfect necklines and wrists are yours ;).

Our organic fabrics are priced by the meter and can be ordered from 10 cm.

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We are currently involved in the Journal de Couture project. The Ulule fundraising campaign has ended with 221 sales!

The notebook will not only be able to be born but also, its sale will be able to be perpetuated on our site ! We are very happy with this news, without you, the Journal would not have seen the light of day...

Now to the sales! We have many products at -50% to propose to you and it is by here :

Over 200 items are on sale!

Find at low prices:

- The haberdashery, buttons, braids, embroidery canvas, embroidery kits, belt buckles...

- Cheval Blanc Amande wool, Fonty Bohème wool, Mérisoie wool and chain from the Valgaudemar spinning mill...

- Fabrics, veils, wedding dress fabrics, ethnic fabrics...

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New chambray patterned fabrics!

May 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Pretty patterned fabrics have just appeared on our website!

These chambrays are fluid, perfect for sewing a dress, a shirt and children's clothes.
The chambrays are 100% cotton.



Which pattern do you prefer?



On our side, we fall for small bikes...


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Large supply of plain organic cotton knitwear by the meter.

We are always looking for organic fabrics for you, we find them softer, of better quality, but also, in accordance with our ecological values... We found this thin and soft sweatshirt fabric that holds perfectly well.

For the realization of your waistcoats, tops, dresses, children's clothes or even for a skirt, we crossed the road of this pretty sweatshirt fabric in organic cotton. This very beautiful fine sweatshirt fabric can be sewn by machine or overlock. It is very pleasant to the touch. The organic cotton sweatshirt fabric is available in ecru, petrol blue and taupe.

We are coming soon with a range of edge ribs for neckline or wrist finishes. Ideal for sewing bodysuits, sweatshirts, pyjamas...

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The plain cotton veil is back!

Feb 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The cotton veil is a basic part of the wardrobe. Whether it is for a top, a summer skirt, a bloomer for baby, the fabric plain cotton veil is indispensable.

This fabric is very soft, light and slightly transparent.

The cotton veil is very often used to liner a garment when you wish a fine cotton fabric, for a skirt or a mid-season jacket for example.

We are happy to present you new perfect colours to prepare the summer:

- Rose Nude (Nude pink),
- Vert menthe,
- Blanc cassé (Off-white),
- Bleu ciel lavande (Lavender sky blue).


We have also chosen more winter colours to sew your linings:

- Taupe
- Noir (black)
- Vert émeraude (Emerald green)
- Marron chocolat (Chocolate brown)
- et Bleu marine (Navy Blue)

What sewing project do these plain cotton voile fabrics inspire you? More like a blouse, a dress, a bloomer?

And don't forget, if you have a doubt about the color, about the fall of a fabric? You can buy on most of our fabrics a 10 cm sample refundable in the case of the purchase of an identical fabric length afterwards.

In order to offer you greater flexibility, you can buy most of our fabrics by 10 cm cuts.

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New organic fabrics: Quilted jerseys

Dec 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM

We were looking forward to presenting you our new organic cotton fabrics: quilted jerseys .

Right now, we see them everywhere, but it's hard to find them in 100% organic cotton! We found the rare pearl and we are very happy to offer you a quality fabric with trendy colors and ecological.

This quilted jersey is very wide: 1.75 m. That leaves you plenty to do. ;)

Quilted jersey is used in many models. It is soft, warm and pleasant. Looking for sewing ideas?

For children's and baby's clothes: Baby pouch, Legging, Bloomer, Pyjama, Vest

For women's clothing: Skirt, Sweat, Vest.

Accessories: Snood or scarf, Bag, Pouch

The yellow quilted jersey verges on the mustard, a good idea to spruce up your wardrobe. The pink is just well dosed, the dark blue verges on the duck... We have the possibility to take other colors so don't hesitate to keep up to date!

These beautiful quilted fabrics are available in dark blue , in light pink and in mustard yellow . We offer you the exact sewing thread number for each fabric!

We hope to soon introduce you to new discoveries in organic fabrics... Case to follow. We would like so much to propose you pretty patterns to sew in these jerseys quilted organic, ideas flow but time is missing.

Also discover our pinterest page with many sewing ideas in our fabrics here.

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It's getting cold, so we think winter, coats, knitwear?!

What would you like to sew for this winter 2016/17? To help you in your investigations, we introduce you our selection with beautiful novelties !

Buttons for coats

Our coat fabrics:
wool and boiled wool

Knitting kits

The velvet milleraies


Image term translation:

boutons en corne pour manteaux : horn buttons for coats
kit tricot: knitting kit

laine bouillie de luxe: luxury boiled wool

lainage pour manteaux: woollen for coats

Our wonderful luxury red, black and blue boiled wools will be perfect to sew you a coat this winter. These boiled wools are 100% wool of very beautiful quality. Metal, wood, horn or marble buttons are ideal for winter coats and jackets.

Don't forget our brandebourgs , these straps can be sewn on a pea jacket, cape or coat and can give a very chic effect. We have brandebourgs to sew in leather or imitation leather.

If you want to start knitting for this winter, we propose you

some Knitting kits for beginners !:

Very nice accessories like the Pavel hat kit with its mohair wool, the Sorlin snood kit in XXL wool and the minute mitts in recycled French wool. Stay informed about the release of the new knitting kits during winter around here.

the sewing skirt, poncho, jacket and sweater patterns made by A&A can be good sewing project ideas for this winter.

And you, what would make you dream of sewing for this winter?

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Plain cotton fabric discounted

Sep 14, 2016 12:00:00 AM

To begin this new school year, we offer this big promotion:

All our plain cotton fabrics -50% discount.

In all, 14 colors 5 € per meter instead of 10 €.

So here we go for sewing new pockets, purse, skirt and accessories!

In addition, these cotton fabrics are available from 10 cm.

We are working on our basic plain fabrics ranges to offer you beautiful materials, always of high quality with trendy colors ...

We are seeking in particular to diversify our certified fabrics ranges OEKO-TEX 100 (perfect for babies) and organic cotton fabrics. To keep you informed of our upcoming finds, you can follow our Facebook page or our Instagram account.

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A&A patrons Sales

Jan 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Go for A&A patrons madness sales.

We have selected many fabrics, wool, knitting magazines, charms, lace, ribbons and braids for these 2016 winter sales.

Find more than 100 items on sale up to 50%!

A et A patrons sales

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Babies sewing kits

Jan 4, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Happy new year 2016 !

The end of 2015 was very active for A&A because we wanted to introduce you our last sewing kits for babies !

Nadine has developed, after the summer, Sirli romper, Colin shepherd vest and Marouette bathrobe patterns, the plates and finally the explanations but still had to tweak the presentation as a kit.

Baby romper sewing kit

It is time now to tell you about these three new patterns for baby and child made in A&A patrons

The Sirli romper pattern is available as envelope sewing pattern and as  kit. The romper is slightly puffed on the upper thighs, as a bloomer and has a rounded bib on the front, decorated with 6 buttons. The suspenders are crossed in the back.

An intermediate sewing level is required to sew the romper, the available sizes are: 3-6-9-12 & 18 months.

It is stitched in Corduroy and lined with organic cotton veil (for ecru). You can sew around a nice Lurex (or in the color of your choice) piping.

Romper opens from the bottom thanks to its little snaps band easy to put (and easy for changing baby)!

Sirli romper sewing pattern

The Colin shepherd vest is sewn made of Organic cotton fur, Corduroy lined.

The pattern of the vest is available as sewing envelope pattern, downloadable pattern or as sewing kit. The vest is easy to sew and accessible to beginners. Available sizes are: 3-6-9-12-18 months et 2-3-4-6-8 years. So you're spoiled for choice!

You can add a frog or leave open. The vest will be fully reversible.

Baby vest sewing pattern

The Marouette bathrobe is also simple to sew and make a perfect birth gift.

The bathrobe is available in sewing envelope pattern and as kit. It is available in: 6-12 months, 18-24 months and 3-4 years sizes.

It has to be sewn in organic (or not) cotton sponge with a  finish in the bias tape of your choice. You also have a choice in the finishing of the seam angles: round or square and in adding a tassel on the hood and a hook at the neck.

Baby bathrobe sewing patten

The sewing kits of these three patterns are available on this page. We have decided to offer them in a nice carrying for decorating a child's room, make a sewing storage according to your imagination!

They are achievable by beginners as by the most experienced. The explanations are made with precise step by step diagrams with a clear cutting plan to guide you in achieving. Patterns are designed with sizes complying to the new IFTH French standards.

Feel free to send us your achievements with our new sewing patterns! We will post them on social networks and our blog.

You can sew around a

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