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Bird cloth Sirli baby romper pattern!

Mar 13, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The baby romper sewing pattern is finding more and more followers! Thank you very much. Notably to Caroline from une Souris à Paris for all her versions, in particular that of the bloomer.

It' s the occasion for us to rework the pattern so that it corresponds as well as possible to your expectations. In the coming weeks, you will find the model in a new pocket with the addition of the 24 and 36 months sizes.

Our little A also often wears his Sirli romper . That sewn birdie version looks good on him, doesn't it?

For information: The little A is 12 months old, 77 cm high, 8,5 kg. He wears the romper in size 9 months. It' s just a little tight at the waist.

For more comfort at waist level, we advise you to use a mesh elastic band . much softer than a classic ribbed elastic.

The fabric used is the beige bird cottonade, we also have the grey and the blue one .

Take some single piping or Lurex to make the outline of the romper!

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To keep the little heads and necks warm, we have concocted a scarf bonnet for you. This baby knitting kit is ideal in these temperatures!

The bonnet and its scarf are knit in wool Ambiance from Fonty with needles 4.

The knitting kit is quick to make. Start with the cap, then decrease to create the back of the head. The scarf is simply made in the jersey stitch. It is attached by an invisible seam to the cap.

In this picture, our little A has a bonnet in Ambiance wool pearl grey 308 and his Augustin striped sweater assorted.

Rediscover also the Augustin striped sweater knitting kit , one of our beginners kits, very easy to make in striped or plain version.

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The baby knitting kit of the pretty striped sailor sweater Augustin is out!

This small model has to be knit simply from the bottom up, starting with a few rows of ribs 1/1 then some jersey. The body is knitted in one piece, alternating stripes is easy! The sleeves require some reductions, but this model remains accessible to beginners.

Knitting pattern for baby breton striped sailor sweater Augustin

The Breton sweater has to be knitted in this beautiful Ambiance de Fonty wool, an ultra-soft wool (it's normal, it's Merino) and that can be washed without problem by machine.

baby breton striped sailor sweater Augustin knitting kit

The sailor strip sweater model sizes go from 3 months to 2 years. You only need 2 balls to the bottom and 1 ball for scratches to the 1 year size.

child breton sweater knitting kit

The kit comes in a cute recycled bag with:

  • - 1 pair of knitting needles bamboo # 4
  • - 1 explanations and color diagrams record
  • - 4 small wooden buttons
  • - 1 yarn needle
  • - 3, 4 or 5 balls of Ambiance Fonty wool depending on the selected size

    Plus: you choose yourself your colors! If you want an ecru background with yellow mustard or blue background with gray stripes, it's time!

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    Child & baby frogs

    Nov 25, 2015 12:00:00 AM

    We have something new to show you as frog for children!

    Frogs are these small fasteners in leather or fabric to close coats, jackets. They can provide an attractive finish in the twinkling of an eye.

    We therefore sought it everywhere in order to offer you various types of frogs: flowers, hearts, and different materials: imitation suede, velvet. and a pretty panel of colors.

    Child & baby frogs

    So you now have the choice!

    To choose the suitable frog for your garment, take into account the total length of the flat frog. Flowers and hearts frogs are indeed more suited to a child's clothing (from 18 months) than velvet frogs.

    shepherd velvet vest baby frogs


    We sewed the velvet frog on a small shepherd jacket and rendering is really nice. You will find organic coton fur here and, in the background, we can see the needlecord velvet which is here.

    baby and child coat frog

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    Making suspenders

    Oct 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

    Suspenders are both practical and decorative. We had idea to do a little tutorial to show you the manufacture of suspenders in our way: simple and fast.

    suspenders DIY

    The material:

    - 2 rectangles of stars fabric
    7x75 cm for 2 to 4 years child,
    7x85 cm for 6 to 8 years,
    7x90 cm for 10 to 14 years,
    9x110 cm for 16 years to adult.
    - sewing thread matching the fabric
    - 4 25 mm suspenders clasps for child, 36 mm for adult.
    - 2 adjustment clips 25mm (child) or 36mm (adult)
    - 1 suspenders cross-brace 25mm (child) or 36mm (adult)
    - 2 black or white elastic band 2cm wide x 15cm


    - loop turner (indispensable)
    - cisors
    - sewing machine, of course!

    We made a video just for you to show each step in picture (you can activate the English subtitles by clicking on CC):


    To help you achieving, we added the tutorial, with step by step photos:

    1 / Iron each cut strip of fabric

    Iron the fabric strip before making suspenders

    2 / Fold each strip of fabric right side against right and stitch to 1cm from the edge then Iron the strips seam very flat before returning it.

    Iron the seam flat

    3 / Once the strips returned with the loop turner iron it the seam centered.

    Once the suspender returned, iron it

    4 / Slip in each of the suspenders on the future front part the adjustment buckles, fold the fabric twice and stitch.

    Slip the adjustment buckles

    5 / Now slip in each of the suspenders, the suspender clips, then move the strip in hand in the adjustment buckle by ensuring the buckle and the clamp are on the same side. Tighten the adjustment buckle on the strip.

    Put the suspender clamps

    6 / Slip each strip crossing them in the cross-brace.

    Slip strips in the cross-brace

    7 / Push each of the elastic bands in the back part of each strip with the loop turner (pass through the seam) up to 30 cm in height, secure it with a pin and stitch.

    Push elastic bands in each strip

    Elastic band in suspender strip

    Elastic band suspender sewing

    8 / Place in each of suspenders, the back clamps, fold the fabric twice and stitch.

    Suspenders adjustment clamps sewing


    Well done! It's over, you just have to give your custom suspenders or pair them with the kids outfits. Why not strapless floral fabrics to give a chic and cheerful side to a man's outfit?

    Find all our printed patterned fabrics on this page to give you some suspenders creation ideas!

    DIY: adjustable stars suspenders finished

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