Not too fast, no pressure it's currently (still) holidays for the most lucky among you! the opportunity to review the snaps fasteners with you.

There are a variety of these buttons but, you'd like to put on a sleeping bag, a bib, a bag or even a shirt and you can not choose?

We make a summary of everything that exists here. We would also compare  Kam clamp and  Vario clamp by Prym . These are the two best known clamps used for laying snaps.

Snaps to sew

In plastic, they are very convenient to lay, available in black and transparent in many diameters. We propose

- Pryms from 7 to 21 mm available transparent only,

- black or transparent from 7 to 13 mm

- colored 21 mm and 17 mm

- leather imitations square or round.

Made of metal black or silver (sometimes bronze). These buttons are generally sold in packs of 6. These are the cheapest in the range. By cons, they can be a little bit difficult to clip / unclip.

The snaps-fastener strip is also handy when you want to quickly sew by machine a length of snaps. As pants or bloomers baby crotch for example. 

These snaps are a little bit slow to put because you have both sides to sew passing many times with the thread in order to hold well. But it is the most economical and you will not need clamp.

Snaps to lay with a clamp

These are the simplest buttons to lay! if you hate sewing a button and buttonhole, the easiest way is to put a snap with clamps. After the first snaps laid, you will not be afraid of those famous clamps.

The plastic or resin snaps are the last of the range and best known today.

The  Kam clamp allowed the easy to lay resin snaps development. They are available online in many colors and forms: star, heart, little and big circle. We have chosen to introduce the tranparent KAM snaps.

Prym recently, too created his easy to lay snaps called Color-Snaps . These snaps can be laid with the Vario clamp by Prym , multipurpose but surprisingly less known than the KAM clamp (yet less expensive and versatile).

This Prym clamp allows to lay many types of snaps that can not the KAM:

- The Color snaps . They are made of colored plastic with a metallic interior. The Buttons box is more expensive than plastic but they are sturdier and will hold better in time. Beware though, this series has been stopped by the manufacturer, we sell them until the end of stock.

- The new Color-Snaps , which replaces the Color. Available in 40 colors. The color-snaps will both be laid on the jersey on the woven. Be careful to enought press in order to lay the snap because they are slightly lighter than previous. They are suitable for all types of medium weight fabrics.

- The anorak snaps , perfect for coats. They are all made of metal.

- The jersey snaps with claws on ring, pearly or with a disc, used to be laid on stretch fabrics such as knitted avoiding tearing during use.

- The riveting snaps . very professional and in several colors. They are also very strong and ideal for coats, bags, pouches and rigid fabrics.

The Prym Vario clamp also has the advantage of being able to lay  eyelets and  rivets or even trousers hooks. So, It is much more versatile than the KAM clamp: