When you love to sew, sometimes we also like to dress. With the development of smartphones and associated applications, there are now tools that fits all situations, including help to create the look, but also to sort his things and plan her outfits. We wanted to share with you this find which can be handy for seamstresses.

We have discovered: Stylebook


This app allows you to organize your wardrobe:

  • There simply to shoot each of your room, to remove the background, through the app, to keep only the essentials: clothing. Then store them virtually in your cupboards. It may take time, but can also save later.

In this way, we have a very clear vision of our dressing. We can find parts not worn for ages, decide to give some ... In short, it allows you to make a good sorting!

  • With all the parts, the application can create looks, ie overlaying multiple pieces, either up, down, dress, jacket, bag or shoes to test outfits.

It can be seen visually and rapidly that some clothes are finally together well and then plan on a dedicated calendar each outfit. It is indeed handy to avoid wasting time in the morning, you have just to plan your looks ahead.

  • Some Additional tools such as statistics, let you know how many times you have worn such clothes and "cost-per-wear" ie its depreciation (garment cost / the number of times worn). But also, the number of clothing you have, the top 10 most worn clothing and less worn! There is also the facilitator for suitcase, you choose the outfits that you want and it gives you all the clothes and accessories to be introduced for the holidays!


Stylebook seems very convenient to organize the fashionistas' wardrobe but also for keen on sewing. It helps to know what we wear in our clothes as hand-made and those we rarely put on (if ever!). And thus to have a clearer vision of what we like to wear really, and maybe sew pieces more suited to our usual outfits. Result: more optimization of our hand-sewn dressing! And you, what do you use to organize your "me-made" dressing? The application is available on the appstore currently 3.59 € for men and women.