The Prym Color Snaps (press studs) just arrived ! We loved their colors and shapes, so we all have for sale. Plastic color snaps studs existed for KAM pliers, here they are available now for the Prym Vario pliers.

You will be able to put some everywhere, children's clothing, accessories, etc. These snaps are practical and decorative. If you do not like to sew buttonholes, snaps are made for you!

Be careful, you'll need a special tool to add to your Prym Vario pliers.

The Color Snaps (press studs) are available as Round shaped but also as Heart and Star shaped.

Click below to find the heart shaped snaps (here in mint green):

mint green heart shaped Color Snaps

Find here the star shaped Color Snaps (here golden):

golden star shaped Color Snaps

And discover the multitude of colors available as round shaped snaps ! (40 colors) :

round Prym Color snaps colors

To illustrate, here's an example of round light blue Color Snaps:

blue round shaped Prym color snaps